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Michelle Testa (002)

Michelle Testa

 Michelle Testa

 Canine Massage Therapy

As a Licensed and Board Certified (NCBTMB) Massage Therapist with 10 years experience in the field I have decided to bring my work to the world of dogs.
Dogs have been a great part of my life … 30 years in fact! I’m a certified professional groomer and former Animal Control Officer.

I enjoy training, competing & handling my canine companions in a variety of dog sports.
I graduated from the Virginia School of Massage in 2009, and recently had the opportunity to become certified in canine massage.

Massage was something that had always interested me. As a former athlete and fitness professional, I know and understood its benefits.


Massage has become part of assisting our canine companions in everything from stress reduction, pre & post- surgery, rehabilitation to preparation and recovery for competition.

The activities that we do with our dogs can be very demanding. As a professional therapist in massage, I realize the benefits it has on athletes and everyday people can also be the same for our canine companions.
The K9 MT is designed for the betterment of our canine companions through massage.

The goal is always geared toward the client feeling better and living a better quality of life.