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Your First Visit

Lydia with Annabel

Lydia with Annabel

It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible while at the office. We offer plenty of convenient parking, water and herbal tea for you in the office and an assortment of health conscious and informative reading material. We appreciate your busy schedule and aim to be as timely as possible in all your appointments. For this we ask that all patients be on time for their appointments. Call if you are going to be late and give us much advance notice as possible for cancelled appointments. A 24-hour notice is appreciated and may allow us to schedule another patient in your spot. We will help you to reschedule your appointment as quickly as possible so that you don’t fall behind in your Spinal care program.

Plan for 30-45 minutes for your First Visit. When you first arrive we will ask you for a copy of your Health insurance card if necessary. The front desk will then have you fill out your new patient booklet.

Our office is child friendly and we welcome serving your entire family. Children are always welcome on follow-up visits. Ask Dr. Palmer at any time if you would like to have your child’s spine checked.

The Consultation

The purpose of our initial consultation is we can get to know each other and determine if we can help you. If Chiropractic care is not indicated at that time, Dr. Palmer will let you know and help to refer you to the Practitioner that will best be able to help you. She will listen to your health history, health concerns, present complaints and future health goals.

New [L_CLIENT_P] are warmly welcomed to our Milford chiropractic office.

A patient receiving a chiropractic assessment

Dr. Palmer will then do a Chiropractic assessment. Our goal is to determine what areas of your spine and nervous system are involved and related to your health challenges. We achieve this by a doing a postural, neurological and orthopedic assessment, range of motion evaluations, leg length analysis, strength testing, digital foot scans and motion/static palpation.

She will explain what to expect on your next visit, answer any other questions you may have and the front desk will help you book your next appointment which is usually the next day. Before your next visit, Dr. Palmer will review your examination and development a treatment plan tailored for you. It will include your treatment schedule and a description of your Chiropractic care. It may include nutritional, postural or exercise suggestions, goals for your future health that you talked about on your first visit and recommendations for other types of treatment that may also help you.

In the beginning of your Wellness program it will be mostly what Dr. Palmer is doing to help your spine and nervous system, in the end your success will depend on how well you follow and are committed to the recommendations she makes for exercise, nutrition and posture. Together, with Chiropractic care and your commitment to helping yourself you will obtain better health.

Feel free to browse Dr. Palmer’s description of her Wellness program in the About Us section.

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