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Chiro4PetsWhat Our Animal Owners Say

Rambler: Hind leg instability, loss of motor control and pain

Photo of Rambler with

Black Labrador, Rambler with

I never had any concerns about bringing my dog to a chiropractor since I myself have been seeing a chiropractor for years with great results. So when my Black Lab Rambler started having issues with his hind legs it made perfect sense to me when my vet said I may want to consider taking him to a chiropractor. Most vets will immediately prescribe medication which can be very damaging to a dogs major organs vs….. suggesting a natural alternative.

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When Rambler was 10 he had his first visit with a chiropractor, prior to his visit he was unable to jump into the car by himself and needed assistance getting up from a resting position. After two visits he was jumping into the car without hesitation and I was stunned! At that point I knew I would continue chiropractor care for him without question. Many people think the cost of a chiropractor is too much to spend on a pet but when you compare the cost of vet visits and medications you will see it is a much more economical choice.

Rambler has now been seeing Tamara Palmer for 3 years and I honestly feel she has added years to his life. He is now 17 which is amazing in itself but I don’t think he would be here without Tamara’s loving care. When you meet Tamara she immediately becomes someone you trust because you can see how much she cares. How many times have you walked into a vet and felt like your pet was just a number? That will NOT happen with Tamara! She has such a gentle caring way about her that Rambler and myself are just very comfortable and relaxed around her. When have you ever seen your dog happy to see the vet? Rambler gets excited to see Tamara which should speak volumes for any pet owner. Rambler walks in her office as a 17 year old lab and walks out like a new dog. Anyone who has a senior pet knows the agony of seeing your pet start to decline, you would do anything to make it easier for them and chiropractic care sincerely helps and I highly recommend it. We have been very blessed to find Tamara because I know without her care Rambler would not have made it this far.

Merlin: Retired police dog with low back instability, stiffness and instability

Photo of Merlin and

Retired Police Dog, Merlin, with

Merlin, a 9 year old retired police K9 dog with a history of a TPLO in his left knee, an unstable vertebrae in his lower back, and a pacemaker implant presented with stiffness, difficulty rising from a lying position, and restricted movement in his hind end.

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He was adjusted by Dr. Palmer with instant result, and proceeded to “donkey hop” around the room! Merlin is a dog that approaches life at 100% all the time, and does not take into account that he is advancing in age. We will be back to see Dr. Palmer again when he “over does it”, and I am very grateful that she will be able to help Merlin without the use of drugs or surgery. Thank you, C

Amber & Seven: Dachshunds

My two dachshunds (Amber & Seven) have both been seeing a chiropractor since November of 2005 (when Amber suddenly stopped jumping and running around). After Amber’s first adjustment she was back to herself. I have taken both my girls faithfully for an adjustment every month since then. When I moved to Massachusetts in November of 2006 I searched for a new chiropractor. I found Dr. Palmer’s website and made an appointment. I already knew that chiropractic care works miracles for my girls, but something that made my feel good about Dr. Palmer is that my girls enjoyed seeing her so much!

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I know that getting adjustments make them feel good!They are so happy when they are at her office. In fact they play more at her office then they do at home!!! I know that there are other chiropractors that are closer to my home (Dr. Palmer’s is about a 45 minute drive), but my dogs like her and I think she does a great job with them that I am going to stay with Dr. Palmer. Also she has very convenient hours and makes appointments on Sundays which is perfect for my schedule. ~Kristen

Carly, an English Springer Spaniel, was born in July 1991

Photo of Carly

Springer Spaniel, Carly

Carly enjoyed conformation and obedience and was sound of temperament and body until this last year when she developed back pain and loss of motor control in her rear end.

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An MRI at Tufts Veterinary School of Medicine would be informational only since surgery at her age was ruled out. She was put on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for her arthritis with hopes that her balance would also improve. Treatment options at that time were physical therapy or chiropractic care. Since I myself have benefited from chiropractic care it seemed like a good place to start. Carly responded well to Chiropractic, it seemed to help her gain back some coordination and muscle control. I would recommend Chiropractic care for other animals as well. ~Julie- Needham

Trixie: Six Years Old

Photo of Trixie

Norwegian Elkhound, Trixie

I learned that my Norwegian Elkhound, Trixie, had hip dysplasia and luxating patellas when she was less than two years old. She would sometimes walk in a way that was “off kilter” and looked very uncomfortable. I wanted to help her, but also wanted to keep her off prescription medication. So in addition to supplements, we tried chiropractic care. We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Palmer. She is so gentle and Trixie is always delighted to see her.

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Dr. Palmer has been very helpful to me in managing Trixie’s care. Not only is Trixie moving more easily, but I’ve noticed that after her appointments, she is more relaxed than I ever see her. And although this may not seem like a big deal, I’m now seeing tail wags again. For a dog that has had hip problems for so many years – this is a very big deal! I’m very appreciative of everything Dr. Palmer has done for Trixie! ~Linda Naughton


Photo of Lovey

Norwegian Elkhound, Lovey

Lovey, a 6 to 7 year old Norwegian Elkhound, was a resident of a kill shelter in N.C. She was rescued by a Connecticut shelter and soon was placed in a home by Norwegian Elkhound Rescue/Referral of New England. She has cancer but was nevertheless adopted by this marvelous senior family. Lovey kept falling down the stairs and the family had great difficulty getting her into an upright position. She was returned to rescue and is now being treated by Dr. Palmer for luxating patellas.
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Lovey also was having difficulty walking since her spine was not properly aligned. Since going to Dr. Palmer, she is much more mobile and is able to do stairs which are not too steep. Norwegian Elkhound Rescue wishes to thank Dr. Palmer for her expertise and kindness. She is treating Lovey out of the kindness and goodness of her heart. Her payment is many kisses from Lovey.Cotton Silverman, MSW
Coordinator, Norwegian Elkhound Rescue/Referral of New England, Inc.

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